asa jewellery designs is nordic, clean and pure, without pretence. Asa‘s pieces can be described as feminin and sophisticated, with simple lines and finesse, a timeless silver jewellery for women.

They need to be obvious and comfortable to use and ultimately bring their owner some of the magic, strength, courage and joy that inspired their creation.

asa jewellery is an Icelandic design company aiming for international markets. Asa is drawn from old norse áss meaning god. The word ásu also exists in sanskrit and means „life force“. Asa is also the name of asa jewellery, head designer, Ása Gunnlaugsdóttir.

Axfilms has produced this film to be used at the utmost focus point of the e-commerce site

Shot, directed and edited by Ólafur Rögnvaldsson
Music by Barði Jóhannsson

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